Why Get Binned?

We’re cleaning trash bins the effective way.

Trash bin smell is extremely dangerous to breathe in

Foul garbage odors are caused by the growth of bacteria. The concentration of germs in garbage has been shown to be somewhere between levels found in hospitals and pig farms. Hospitals have shown to have levels of cultivatable airborne bacteria at around 720 per cubic meter. Pig farms have shown to be a place where Staphylococcus Aureus was detected at about 1,600 per cubic meter. To make things worse, it is believed that most bacteria can’t be cultivated, meaning these numbers are an undercount. When counted correctly, the number of bacteria per cubic meter on pig farms jumps to several billion.

On average, a person takes in about 0.5L of air in each breath. Taking into consideration all bacteria, every breath a person takes consumes a few million bugs of airborne bacteria. Imagine how much you ingest every time you take a whiff of your trash bins? Binned eliminates the bacteria from your trash bin.

Cleaning on Your Own is Dangerous

It’s actually extremely dangerous to be cleaning trash bins on your own if you are not a trained professional. Average household items like napkins, chicken carcasses, diapers, eggs, and more contain literally MILLIONS of bacteria particles that multiply every single day. Using basic tools such as water, soap, and a brush puts you at risk to become infected with deadly bacteria with just a single touch. Why take the risk? All of Binned’s professional cleaners are professionally trained in sanitation and trash-handling procedures.

Kill Bacteria that you haven’t Thought About

You would not believe how much bacteria can be found in your bins. Deadly bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and more are found right in your trash bins. These bacteria easily spread to your home from your bins with just one single touch. Imagine if you were cleaning them on your own? Put your mind at ease, Binned’s high-pressure power washing system will sanitize and deodorize your bins.

Elininate Insect & Rodent Infestation

Horrible smells and rotten trash attract the most annoying pests such as maggots, flies, rats, and more. These pests are very dangerous because they easily spread deadly bacteria and germs from your trash bins to your home. And let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure we all have experienced flies or rats near our trash at least once so just imagine…

Don’t Make Things Worse

Dumping dirty water down storm drains contaminates our water. We collect waste water legally, professionally, and in an eco-friendly way to dump it at a safe site at the end of each day.


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