Our Vision

We’re creating a cleaner, safer tomorrow, today.

Have you ever considered just how complicated our trash system is? Think about it. The journey of trash is confusing and endless. It goes from homes to bins to trucks to landfills…and the same will happen next week, and the week after. While the system gets the job done, freeing our homes from dirty trash, it leaves its mark – with bacteria and foul odors.

Now, bacteria comes in many forms; appearing as E. Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and more. Unfortunately, many of these microorganisms probably exist right in our trash bins. In fact, studies have shown that in just one-week, MILLIONS of harmful bacteria in our bins can multiply 5 times over. The same amount of time the trash takes to complete its journey. Clearly, one week can change everything. But what if we could make a cleaner, safer tomorrow, today? You guessed it — that is where Binned steps in.

Getting rid of bacteria and smells caused by bacteria

Here at Binned, we help to minimize bacteria and odors as much as possible by offering an efficient, safe maintenance program of your choosing, limiting spread of harmful bacteria, germs, and pests.

Stopping Pests

It’s no secret that trash and trash bins attract maggots, flies, rats, and more. They love the stuff, going from trash to homes and back again daily. We reduce this by eliminating concerns over common pests, and their spread of harmful bacteria all over your home and family.

Helping the Environment

Even if you’re brave enough to tackle trash bin cleaning on your own (which is not smart and definitely not any fun), you’re still not contributing to the well-being of our environment. The dumping of dirty water into the storm drain sends bacteria back into our system, contaminating our water and compromising our health. Binned uses state-of-the-art waste management systems and sanitation protocols to ensure waste water does not go back into the environment. Together, we can make this process safer for the environment, and, in turn, keep our families safe.

Creating a Cleaner, Safer Trash System

Joining Binned means creating a cleaner, safer tomorrow…today. Will you join us?


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