How it Works

Trash bin cleaning just got a lot easier. Ready?


Choose Your Plan

Sign up, select your plan, provide your information, and we’ll take care of the rest by entering you into our system for efficient scheduling.


Get Scheduled

We handle everything, placing you into our system for efficient scheduling on one of your trash collection days every month. For example, if your trash collection day is Tuesday, we will clean your trash and recycle cans on one of the Tuesdays in the month of your scheduled service – guaranteed.


Get Reminded

We send you an SMS / text message & email courtesy reminder 24-hours before each cleaning so you can prepare your bins for servicing.

*Standard messaging rates may apply


Place Your Bins

Place your bins at the curb empty, if not already emptied by trash collection services. If for any reason they are not placed at the curb and aren’t empty, we will not be able to assist. You will need to contact us to reschedule at


Get Clean

Our skilled crew will professionally wash and deodorize your bins using our high-pressure power-washing systems, which uses highly heated water, and our advanced odor neutralizer.


You’ve Been Binned

An easily removable bin cleaning service sticker will be placed on your trash bins to let you know we came to clean. Don’t forget to help your friends, family, and neighbors Get Binned

*Please note that first time cleanings are not always successful at removing 100% of bacteria, dirt, and debris. Some trash bins have not been cleaned in years. Not routinely cleaning a trash bin causes dirt and debris to build and harden, making it difficult to completely remove on a first cleaning. This is why we recommend our monthly maintenance plan so we can effectively remove 100% of bacteria, dirt, and debris.

Reasons We Will Not Clean Your Bins

Protection of your privacy is a top priority. That’s why we will NEVER clean bins that still have trash in them – some people toss sensitive documentation, credit card info and more. Please be sure to empty your bins prior to our arrival – this is why we attempt to remind you that we’ll be coming, 24-hours in advance and schedule service for your trash pick-up days.
To protect the health of both our customers and our employees we will NEVER service bins that contain human or animal feces, including diapers (unless properly disposed of in contained bags).
We will not clean bins that are damaged or have cracks in them prior to a Binned cleaning. Due to the strength of our power wash systems, damaged bins run the risk of accumulating further damage. All damaged bins will be noted with comments and photos and filed in our records.
Additionally, if there is any oil in your bin, we will be unable to fulfill our bin cleaning service due to potential damage to our equipment.
Lastly, our dedicated employees will NEVER search your property for bins that are not placed at the curb.
If we can’t provide our bin cleaning service for any of these reasons and you wish to contact us to reschedule, please do so at If you wish to open a dispute, we’ll provide all relevant comments and photos as to why we were unable to clean your bins. This information is further stored securely in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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Recycle Bins

Even recycle bins have been found to contain particles of bacteria, which is why Binned considers your recycle bin a trash bin. Due to each city’s recycling schedule being different, Binned will coordinate its services for a time that enables the cleaning of both trash and recycle bins on the same day. If a customer’s recycle bin has not been emptied prior to the time our Binned cleaning professional arrives, Binned will clean the recycle bin on another one of your trash collection days that month. Binned offers the same cleaning service for recycle bins – high-pressure power wash and odor neutralization. If both your trash and recycle bin have been emptied by collection before a Binned representative has arrived for cleaning, we will leave both bins sanitized and deodorized on the same day.

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When you join Binned, you’re creating a cleaner, safer home environment.