Cleaning process

The Binned Way

Our friendly and professional staff takes work seriously. By using cutting-edge technology and techniques we connect you to uncompromised cleanliness and peace of mind. All Binned trucks are equipped with power-wash systems and waste water collection tanks.


All bins are hydraulically lifted into our vehicle for power washing convenience.

Bins are washed using our state-of-the-art high-pressure power cleaning system. We wash your bins with heated water of up to 250 F using a 360 spray head system, ensuring maximum elimination of bacteria, dirt, and debris.


Dirty water used for cleaning will be efficiently collected back into our truck, safely and securely.

We spray your bin interior with a powerful odor neutralizer. Our approach means no harmful chemical run off, keeping the environment safe every step of the way.


At the end of each day, all waste water is safely dumped at a designated, secure site, with professional sanitation standards to ensure no spreading of bacteria and waste back into our city.


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When you join Binned, you’re creating a cleaner, safer home environment.